It is said that when a Great Dragon nears the end of its time, it will disappear into the darkest forests in search of a resting place. This legend may prove to be true! Your army has uncovered a site of great power. Littered with remains of dragons, the grounds of these high level forests have the potential to yield great energy. Something was here long ago. Something significant that the Dragons seem to sense. It would be wise to keep this site under
Wraith dragon smaller size

When you capture a L7+ camp you get this message.

careful watch...

You can uncover a "suspicious site" in Level 7+ forests prior to discovering the Spectral Ruins. This messages appears for all players, it was a teaser promotion prior to the release of the Outpost.

Building this Outpost gives you the power to capture and resurrect Troops lost in battle with other players, this does not include battles with Anthropus Camps or Wildernesses

This dragon can currently be upgraded to level ten.

In order to summon this Dragon, you must have a Level 10 Altar, all Level 9 Reaping Stones, all pieces of Armor, and 100k Talismans which you farm from Camps and Wildernesses. This requires one Completion Grant total.

To create this Outpost, you must collect 100,000 Anthropus Talismans from Anthropus. These are found by defeating Level 4+ Wildernesses or Level 1+ Anthropus Camps.

You will receive 1 Talisman per 500 Anthropus killed in a single battle. These kills do not roll over to the next battle.

Talismans are required to upgrade your Wraith's Altar each level. A total of 865K Anthropus Talismans + 1 Completion Grant is required to get the Wraith Dragon up to level 10.

The Armor may be obtained from the following Wildernesses:
Body of the Wraith Dragon

Body = Hills


Head = Forests


Tail = Lakes


Talons = Mountains

Wraith labeled

Actual talons are connected to Body.

Armor is automatically equipped when it is found. If it is not, you may need to contact Kabam Support. Armor pieces may be obtained anytime before or after the Dragon is level 8.

After finding all 4 pieces of Armor, you must have a Level 10 Wraith Dragon plus 1.7m Blue Energy and 100k Talismans each time you wish to summon your Dragon for use.

This Dragon does not have a healing time, you may summon & send it as many times as you have Blue Energy for. If you summon the dragon, it will remain summoned indefinitely until it is used and the Blue Energy will continue to collect again until it reaches capacity. Therefore, you may use this Dragon 2x in a row if you allow the Blue Energy to re-accumulate.

  • It must be summoned prior to each attack. This consumes 1.7m Blue Energy & 100k Talismans each time.
  • This dragon can not be sent on an attack with other troops.
  • It can not be killed or injured as other Dragons do. Regardless of the battle outcome, the Dragon will simply return to the Spectral Ruins awaiting to be summoned again.

If the Wraith is used to attack defending Soul Reapers + troops, the Wraith is able to kill any other troops on the wall, but will "ignore" the Soul Reapers. If only Soul Reapers are used to defend, the Wraith will steal the City's loot without killing the Soul Reapers.

If the Wraith Dragon is used to attack and then is recalled before the attack hits, it will NOT need to be summoned again.

Note: Wraith Dragons are able to defeat all level camps from 1-10, however are unable to defeat a level 11 Camp.

  • Use the Wraith Dragon sparsely! Regardless of a player's Energy Collection level, it takes quite some time for the Wraith Dragon to be ready to be summoned again.
  • Summon the Wraith as soon as you have enough talismans and blue energy, but as mentioned above, do not actually use the dragon until you feel it necessary. By doing this, the blue energy produced in the outpost will begin to replenish. If you wait enough time, this can enable you to "double-summon" the beast; by exploiting this technique, after you use the Wraith, you will immediately have enough resources to summon it again.
  • In emergencies, the Wraith Dragon can be a very good resource for almost wiping a city clean of resources. This is especially convenient against your enemies.
  • If you are wraithed by another player and you are capable of summoning your own, if it be your desire, you can wait until you're struck and then send your own Wraith to the attacker's city. By doing so, the adversary won't be able to enjoy their stolen goods for long, seeing as moments after theirs returns, yours will arrive.

Dragon levels are achieved by upgrading the Dragon Keep in the Outpost.

Level Description
1 The Spirit of the Wraith Dragon is in its simplest form. It power is only a sliver of what it can Become.
2 The lonesome spirit slowly gains power. Its appearance is both inspiring and terrifying.
3 The Wraith Dragon spirit grows with each offering. Its power seems to increase massively with every step.
4 The eerie spirit of this dragon continues to gain power. This shadowy beast shows great promise as an attacker.
5 The spirit of the Wraith Dragon grows stronger. It is able to conjure more of its original form. The power of the Ruins themselves course through it.
6 The Wraith Dragon's spirit is still at an early stage of power and its abilities already show shocking signs of deadly might.
7 The dragon's spirit knows that soon it will become close to its once great power. It patiently awaits your command. You only hope you can control it.
8 The Wraith Dragon now posses strength beyond strength. Its ghastly form inhabits the massive Altar. The damage this dragon has the ability to cause seems impossible.
9 The Wraith Dragon continues to grow even stronger still! It's powers are incredible. No opponents dare challenge it.
10 The Wraith Dragon's maximum power. Its abilities are beyond expectations. Your foes cower in sheer terror from even the thought of this deadly beast.

Requirements for Keep Upgrade and Power Boost (Levitation Lev.0)


Food Gold Lumber Metals Stone Talisman Time Power
2 800 3,000 5,000 1,400 3,000 100,000 12m 50
3 1,600 6,000 10,000 2,800 6,000 3,000 24m 100
4 3,200 12,000 20,000 5,600 12000 6,000 48m 200
5 6,400 24,000 40,000 11,200 24000 12,000 1h 36m 400
6 12,800 48,000 80,000 22,400 48000 24,000 3h 12m 800
7 25,200 96,000 160,000 44,800 76,800 48,000 6h 24m 1600
8 51,200 192,000 320,000 89,600 153,600 96,000 12h 48m 3200
9 102,400 384,000 640,000 179,200 307,200 192,000 1d 1h 36m 6400
10 204,800 768,000 1,280,000 358,400 614,400 384,000 2d 3h 12m 12800

Dragon Stats

Level Melee Ranged Defense Life Speed Range Load
1 5,225 1,500 100 100,000 1,100 1,900 0
2 15,245 5,100 100 250,555 1,100 1,900 0
3 50,854 17,464 100 512,320 1,100 1,900 0
4 75,566 21,654 100 750,343 1,100 1,900 0
5 100,324 35,321 100 1,002,354 1,100 1,900 0
6 315,987 74,654 100 1,001,367,987 1,100 1,900 500,000
7 536,158 93,521 100 1,536,247,368 1,100 1,900 500,000
8 1,019,700 112,800 100 78,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 250,000,000
9 1,769,700 181,800 100 93,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 500,000,000
10 2,149,700 219,800 100 104,967,350,000 1,100 1,900 750,000,000


This is how the Wraith Dragon appears after being summoned.

Troop CompatibilityEdit

This Dragon cannot be sent with any other troops.


Below are images that show some different Wraith Defenses used.

Symbol Information
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