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"The armored War Scarab taunts enemy troops into attacking it. When hit with melee attacks, the prickly spikes of the Scarabs shell return 50% damage taken."

War Scarab
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 2200
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 450
Life: 19,000
Speed: 500
Load: 650
Power: 75
Upkeep: 125

The War Scarab was released in Dragons of Atlantis on February 13, 2014. They introduce the concept of damage reflection to the world of Atlantis. Currently they cannot be trained. It has been hinted by kabam (in the message below) that they will only be prize troops.

With the highest health in the game, the War Scarab acts as a tank on the battlefield. It supposedly has the special effect of always being attacked first in battle, making it the perfect method for defending troops with higher melee attacks, such as Venge Wyrms, Dimensional Ruiners, and Shadow Stalkers. With a speed of 500, the War Scarab can cross the default battlefield in 1 move, suggesting that it is better equipped to march with speed troops.

It is still unknown how to best combat these troops, either on offense and defense. Players are encouraged to experiment with them and are welcome to add to this page. A Battle Report example is available for view below the troop stat box. This report displays the need of a large and powerful range army to defeat large amounts of War Scarabs. Shadow Stalkers can also be used to kill War Scarabs with little or no losses. However this does require the player has at least twice the number of Shadow Stalkers than the War Scarabs they're attacking and his/her sanctuary and research boosts are at least equivalent.

One of the War Scarab's most notable stats is its health, which is the highest of any Atlantis troop. Because of this, the War Scarab is extremely effective both on offense and defense.


The message from Kabam when the War Scarab was released is as followed:

"The royal War Advisors have tapped into an ancient power source to provide you with a new, incredibly powerful Troop to bolster your ranks in battle! The war Scarab is the newest Troop to make its way into Atlantis, and it’s power levels are off the charts. These ancient Scarabs slumbered deep beneath the earth. Every 100 years, these massive insectoid behemoths emerge from' their resting places and trample all other Troops that get in their path. Their brains are small, meaning training them is near impossible, but what they lack in brains, they make up for in brawn. In combat, War Scarabs use their spike-covered carapces to return 50% of the melee damage they take back to their attackers. Additionally, these Troops are so imposing that they are always attacked first in combat, allowing you to use these monstrosities to soak up damage from your other Troops protecting them from harm. Currently, these Scarabs are so difficult to train that they can only be won through in-game Events. Please check your log-in messaging for your latest chance to win this extremely powerful new Troop!"