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The Venom Dragon (VD) is a Kabam Released Seed dragon that is now available within the Sanctuary. The Kabam Released Seeds 'KRS' are pure DNA dragons that are gained via ruby purchase in the shop, Fortuna's Vault, Treasure Hold, Challenges and Tournaments.

The Venom Dragon is available in both sexes which allows for pure breeding.  It is possible to breed a Venom Dragon (VD) via crossbreeding other types.

Ways to get this Dragon by breeding

  1. Great Dragon & Psychic Dragon
  2. Water Dragon & Wind Dragon
  3. Water Dragon & Psychic Dragon
  4. Water Dragon & Tanglevine Hydra
  5. Tanglevine Hydra & Psychic Dragon

Examples of Venom Dragon won through Challenege/Tournament

The exalted version released in the Tournament 1st-2nd prize on July 23th, 2013 had:

  • Venge Wyrm Life Curse IV -5%
  • Fangtooth Ranged Attack Curse IV -5%
  • Lightning Cannon Range Curse III -3%

And the heightened version released in the Tournament 3rd-5th prize:

  • Storm Drake Life Curse III -3%
  • Venge Wyrm Melee Curse II -1.5%
  • Longbowman Ranged Attack Curse III -3%