As the new wiki Bureaucrat, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. 

     My tag name is Ribcrickett but you can call me by my real name, Wendy, if you like. I have a history in teaching and retail management and have played DoA for over 5 years now. I am an overlord and leader in many realms and I run many group pages on Facebook. I enjoy teaching new players to play as well as to lead others. I am great with graphic design and website building. I put together visual step-by-step how to guides for members in my alliances and I have a team pulling together as much DoA gameplay information as we can. With my previous experience and drive to improve gameplay for everyone, I hope to bring life and extra support for all wiki users. Please message me here or on Facebook at if you need to ask me any questions or give recommendations. 

Moving ahead: 

  1. We need to establish a leaders' team communication channel (be it through Facebook, Skype, Viber, etc.) so we can discuss improvements and changes needed (Facebook is the best choice as it allows us to have a group page to collect data on). This will be a requirement to be a part of the wiki team as communication is the key to success anywhere.
  2. I am always open to ideas and suggestions so feel free to message me yours.
  3. Please be respectful to all users when posting and/or responding to posts. 
  4. There are a few positions still available on the wiki team. 
  • 1-2 more Admins.
  • A dedicated news reporter for the blog roll on the front page (this user will also act as head of user contributions)
  • 2-3 community leaders to act as mods for the site and to manage the community contributions etc.

I look forward to working with the wiki team in improving this wiki and game play for everyone.

Ribcrickett (Wendy)

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