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July 30, 2015

Citizens of Atlantis,

Archmage Triton has watched as some kingdoms have struggled with logistics restricting their march sizes. Wanting to encourage kingdoms to grow and clash with one another in a quest for further expansion and development, Triton has decreed that march sizes shall now be increased!

This latest decree has spurred the construction of new Muster Point levels for Main Cities! You will now be able to level up your Main City Muster Points up to Level 30! But in order to expand your Muster Point, you'll need to acquire the new Lineage Seal items, which have the ability to authorize an upgrade of a Muster Point from Level 20 to Level 21 and so on.

Use Lineage Seals to upgrade your Muster Points so you can further increase your march size capacities! Overwhelm your opponent's Walls with this latest item!

Please visit the Dragons of Atlantis Forums under the "News and Announcements" section to learn the stats involved with the new Muster Point levels and ask any questions you may have.