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December 7, 2015

Citizens of Atlantis,

The Grand Adventure

You are unsure of how it was delivered to your kingdom, who sent it to you and for what purpose it was sent, but somehow you have come into possession of an old scroll. Upon unraveling the delicate and dusty papyrus that was left so nonchalantly at your front gate, you have discovered that it is, in fact, a map. Its edges have frayed and the text has faded but you can still make out a path that appears to promise treasure at its end. Winding its way across the steep inclines and narrow passages of the Jagged Crescent, over the glistening waters of the Mirror Sea, through the cracked and crumbling streets of the Sundered City and underneath the dark canopies of the Whisper Woods, the trail is not for the faint of heart. Although you certainly have concerns, something is telling you to take on this challenge and seek the treasure that waits for those adventurous enough to go searching for it!

A new minigame is making its debut in Dragons of Atlantis: The Grand Adventure! Use Keystones - mystic totems that, when given to the path's gatekeepers, allow you to proceed down the trail to the next checkpoint - to travel across the map.  

At each checkpoint you'll be able to uncover a prize. These can either be a variety of Loot Item prizes or one of three Grand Treasures drawn at the top of the map. Some checkpoint locations have a higher likelihood of yielding Grand Treasures than others, the details of which are inscribed below each checkpoint's marked place on the map. 

The Grand Adventure Minigae

The Grand Adventure Minigame

During your exploration, you will also come across Ancient Treasures. These archaic bobbles and bits of retired currency are a favorite trading piece for the traveling merchants that frequent this trail. Collecting the numbered interval amounts inscribed at the bottom of the map will also earn you a special prize at each interval!

The path is treacherous but grand rewards are sure to await you at each bend! Ready your Adventurers for the journey ahead, get your Keystones in order, collect Ancient Treasures and explore your way towards Grand Treasures in the new The Grand Adventure minigame available now!

PLUS to help those braving the challenges of The Grand Adventure, 5 Keystones have been deposited in every active player's Inventory!

Have any questions about the new The Grand Adventure minigame? Please visit the Dragons of Atlantis Forums under the "News and Announcements" section to learn more, read a step by step guide and ask any questions you may have.