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Citizens of Atlantis,

There's not much Enyo enjoys more than seeing her opponent's armies engulfed in the metaphoric flames of defeat. After ruminating on one such victory, she thought - what would happen if those flames were a little more literal? Inspired by the explosive power of fire wielders like the Fire Dragon and Lava Jaws, she brought her idea for a fire-fueled weapon to the other Royal Mages. After some debate, the Royal Mages agreed to the creation of such a weapon, so long as it would be used to help kingdoms defend against invaders.

From this summit the Inferno Beam was created! Born from the hands of a master weaponsmith and fueled by the super-heating of Blue Energy, the Inferno Beam is a new addition to the Defensive Tower and a brand new Tower Part!

Dealing heavy Ranged Damage, the Inferno Beam is sure to leave a lasting burn on any foe who gets too close!

Please visit the Dragons of Atlantis Forums under the "News and Announcements" section to learn the stats involved with the Inferno Beam and ask any questions you may have.