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Late last night Spies spotted regiments of troops and supply caravans entering the gates of the Crimson Citadels. After moving in to get a closer look, the Spies were able to determine that the troops appeared to be further reinforcements for the Crimson Warlord's army and that the caravans were not filled with supplies, but rather all sorts of goods and treasures. The Spies quickly returned home to their kingdom to share what they had observed, but by the time they had arrived, word had already spread across Atlantis. The Crimson Warlord himself had seemingly sent a new letter of challenge, written in red ink, to every kingdom in Atlantis.

These letters read: "Atlantis has proven itself to me to be an amusing opponent, but you have grown complacent, and from that complacency has spawned weakness and idleness. As the astute of your kind have undoubtedly already witnessed, I have added to my army and my treasure room. As before, I welcome those who believe themselves mighty enough to survive a wave against my new army to step forward and do so. Prove yourself worthy and you may be rewarded with a piece of my newly acquired treasure.

                                                                              - The Crimson Warlord

The Crimson Citadel tiles have been updated with a new troop configuration and some all new prizes! You can now find the following prize drops in all of the Crimson Citadel tiles:

- Colossus Dragon Eggs

- Colossus Dragon Body Armors, Claw Guards, Helmets AND Tail Guards

- Vulcan's Blessing Super Rares

- Vulcan's Blessing Common AND Uncommon +14's

- Luna Rocks AND Stones

- Luna Powders, Deluxes AND Infusions

- Dragon Keys AND Master Dragon Keys

- Coldsteel Fragments AND Coldsteel Gems

- Rune Mystery Chests

What new forces lay in wait behind those crimson walls? You'll have to confront the Crimson Warlord's forces to find out!