In Game Message from Kabam/Rockyou

Citizens of Atlantis, 

In order to keep you informed of the latest fixes and updates for Dragons of Atlantis, we will periodically be releasing notes of what has been added or corrected in each release in the form of messages like this one. We hope that these messages will help convey all the latest goings-on in Atlantis! 

As of May 14, 2015, the following updates, corrections, and additions have been released:

- Some Players were experiencing an error with certain tabs (the Arsenal tab in particular) in their Inventories that prevented them from displaying properly and/or caused the items to constantly refresh. The source of this issue has now been identified and corrected by our team. Players should now be able to properly access the items in these tabs without issue.

- Starting today, Pack Dragons will no longer be an Untrainable Troop and have become permanently Trainable!

- You will no longer have to refresh your game in order to view souls that were recovered after battle in your Mausoleums.

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