Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki

As you may have noticed, this wiki has somewhat fallen into a state of death. Nothing much is really going on anymore. I really want to change that, and turn this into a valuable resource for members of the DOA community. 

I no longer play the game, and I can no longer be responsible for the site (see my post below this one). But you might be able to help. I'm looking for people to fill these roles:

  • Dedicated Bureacrat status wiki user to lead the new team. 
  • 2-3 Admins to act as support for the b-crat.
  • A dedicated news reporter for the blog roll on the front page (this user will also act as head of user contributions)
  • 2-3 community leaders to act as mods for the site and to manage the community contributions etc

To get a position you must;

  • Play the game regularly and be invested in the world
  • Have at least 6 months - a year minimum experience of EITHER a succesfull wiki (in which case a link to your user page on that wikia must be provided) or in the game 
  • Write a short piece explaining why you want to get a role without mentioning Dragons Of Atlantis or other video games

You could;

  • Have prior experience on this wiki
  • Have a year+ experience to really show your knowledge of the game

To apply comment on this article, or write a blog post and link me to it. In your application you must state which position you would like to hold, and then the other three in the the order of "most like" to "least like". 

Applications must be in by 21/04/15 (04/21/15 for US) at midnight GMT.

Thank you, and good luck!