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  • JJS 12

    Admin Chat 2015

    April 24, 2015 by JJS 12

    Admins! Chat here for 2015. Each year, somebody must make a new chat, and commenting can be turned off for the old one. Please uphold the rules of the wiki, but also discuss the future of it. 


    If you are viewing this and you aren't an admin, please don't comment. Your comment will be deleted. 

    Thank you! 

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  • JJS 12

    As you may have noticed, this wiki has somewhat fallen into a state of death. Nothing much is really going on anymore. I really want to change that, and turn this into a valuable resource for members of the DOA community. 

    I no longer play the game, and I can no longer be responsible for the site (see my post below this one). But you might be able to help. I'm looking for people to fill these roles:

    • Dedicated Bureacrat status wiki user to lead the new team. 
    • 2-3 Admins to act as support for the b-crat.
    • A dedicated news reporter for the blog roll on the front page (this user will also act as head of user contributions)
    • 2-3 community leaders to act as mods for the site and to manage the community contributions etc

    To get a position you must;

    • Play t…
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  • JJS 12

    On behalf of LoneWulf and myself, I am writing this to let you all know that we no longer intend to be active members of this Wiki and as such we need new Admins to take our places. If you wish to apply, then do so in the comments here, after reading the requirements below. 

    To enter you must;

    • Have an account
    • Have 200+ edits on your account
    • Hold the badge "5 days on the Wiki" or higher (eg. 2 weeks) 
    • Write a blog post, or have a specific edit to show us demonstrating your ability as an editor (you may use a personal blog/contributions to other sites, as long as you can prove it's you)
    • Regularly play DoA

    You could;

    • Have experience in coding (we really need a coder to sort out the outdated templates)
    • Be an admin wanting to become a B-Crat (admin's on…
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  • JJS 12

    Final Homepage Update

    August 15, 2014 by JJS 12

    Hey guys, 

    the update I have just published for the homepage will be the last one I do, as it completes everything I have wanted to do with it. I feel this new look is an improvement on what it used to look like, and I hope you agree with me. Over my years as an admin I have been trying to achieve this goal, and I really hope you like this, and the other changes I've made, whether to the home page, or the general theme. 

    Over the next few days I'll be posting more here as we try to come up with a plan on what to do with the Wiki, now neither myself or LoneWulf have the time or the motivation to continue editing here. 

    Thank you. 

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  • JJS 12

    Last month we ran a poll to find out which editing suite you people of the Wiki prefer. By a staggering 79/116 people who voted (68%) you voted that you prefered the old editing suite.

    So I am happy to announce that we are switching back on the old editor to replace the newer version which is (currently) not as useful. (Please note that the Visual Editor is still able to be used if you prefer it - just click on the arrow next to the edit button at the top of a page and select Visual Editor.)

    As soon as the new editor is up to scratch (I will make sure to check the progress) I will put up another poll about whether to switch to it or not - until then, enjoy the old one!


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