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Eps Cola 360 Eps Cola 360 27 March 2013

Changing Wiki's Theme

Alright, so i was just going to inform everyone, that within the next few days, I'll be changing the Color theme for the wiki a bit, see what works best. And, if a theme isn't liked, it's easily reverted back to an older version. I am not going to be changing the backround image or the "Logo"(I really need to learn what it's called...), I'm hopeing to find colors matching the two. Also, I'll be seeing what I can do with the colors of the templates on the home page, if I can find a good wiki theme color.

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Eps Cola 360 Eps Cola 360 18 March 2013

Admin Requirements Page

Okay, I'm a fairly recent user here, been doing some edits. No, this isn't me asking to be admin, I'm just going to make some suggestions for the admins. 

First, I'm not 100% sure if this wiki has one or not, the search results arn't the most reliable. It would possibly be usefull, for someone to make an Admin/Rollback Request page, so users can submit requests to be promoted to aither rollback or admin. Users should include why they want the adminship/rollback, explain what they plan to do, and things similar (Preferably, using proper grammar, not to be mean to those who arn't "Grammar Nazis", but admins useing proper grammar, or the grammar best they can do, is preferable) The current admins can then review over the request, and decide wh…

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