Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki

Okay, I'm a fairly recent user here, been doing some edits. No, this isn't me asking to be admin, I'm just going to make some suggestions for the admins. 

First, I'm not 100% sure if this wiki has one or not, the search results arn't the most reliable. It would possibly be usefull, for someone to make an Admin/Rollback Request page, so users can submit requests to be promoted to aither rollback or admin. Users should include why they want the adminship/rollback, explain what they plan to do, and things similar (Preferably, using proper grammar, not to be mean to those who arn't "Grammar Nazis", but admins useing proper grammar, or the grammar best they can do, is preferable) The current admins can then review over the request, and decide whether or not to promote the user. Once the wiki becomes larger, we could then add in a user vote system, where other users can submit their opinion on the promotion of the requesting user (With an edit count requirement, to avoid trolls/spammers/sockpuppet accounts). 

Also, I would like to suggest, a change of color theme for the wiki. The backround and "logo" of the wiki are great, nice and fitting for what the wiki is about. But everything else is a little plain. New suers, comeing across the wiki, may not take it seriously, because of the lack of a unique theme. The current color theme, make this wiki look like more like a new made wiki, which results in less active users. It's just a suggestion, I just think it might work for us for new colors, like for example, links. 

Finally, the homepage news. I think this could/should be updated more often. We should have new information put in, while older news, should be removed. For example, the Sactuary, it's now been out for awhile, and should probably be removed from the news. I would also suggest, we make news for any upcomeing Tournaments within the game. We give the starting time for the tournament, and list the prizes. We could also give out news when a new realm has been started. 

Within the news and color theme, if the admins agree with any changes, I can bring in some users, who may be willing to help create new templates for the wiki. Creat better looks, and hopefully attract new suers. And once we hit 200 pages, we can then request for our wiki to be "featured", where it will be put as adds at the side and bottem of all wikis, and get more users.

These are all just suggestions, nothing is required. At a later point in time, after more edits, and me becomeing more "well know" around the wiki, I may apply for adminship, but not yet. I'm a Coka Cola Can! 20:13, March 18, 2013 (UTC)