Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki

Hello to the Dragons of Atlantis community!

As you all know (or are about to find out), Dragons of Atlantis was playable up until 2016-ish. At which point, the company that was developing/keeping it up went under and so did the game. Well quite a few of us have wanted to play and as there has not been a playable version since then, a specific developer has decided to give it a shot at recreating and in the process, has now created a playable version as of June 2022!

So if you're looking to play it while it's being developed, expanded, and fixed, head on over to the discord server and come play with the rest of the community! Nearly all functionality is currently in or working on being in. You can build buildings, train troops, research technologies, even attack Anthropus camps if you want.

Discord server: https://discord.gg/Fh5t7M3yPB