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I currently do not play Dragons of Atlantis and I have not consistently played since March 2012. Since then I have only stayed current in order to edit this wiki. I currently play Aika Online which is a 5-nation vs. nation PvP mmorpg. If you like real time PvP, then you should try Aika. I play in the nation of Feonir. Check my Aika wiki if you want to see what it is about!

Since I do not play DoA and thoroughly hate the money hungry company that publishes it, I am always looking for new admins! If you would like to be considered, you must have:

  • An account with at least 150 edits (edits, image uploads, etc.)
  • No signs of vandalism or spam in your edit history (this can be found through your contributions)
  • Must be able to crop images

Being an administrator does not make you better than a contributor, it just gives you more abilities. 1 contributor is worth much more than 100 administrators that never contribute. And if you see an error, fix it!

If you need help, email me at ashley_grad05@yahoo.com.

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