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Hey --

Thanks for checking out my user-page! Unfortunately I'm no longer active on this Wiki, so I won't be of much help to you. Once upon a time, I was a b-crat here. Those days ended in early 2015 when I realised that I was neglecting the Wikia and that someone more capable (or at least willing to devote more time) should step into the role.

Enter, the new Wiki leaders! You can check out who's currently in charge of the wiki by looking at the blogroll on the front page and checking who updates it; that should be the current b-crat in charge.

If you want me specifically (aw, chucks!) then post a message on my wall. I don't (think that I) receive email updates any more, but I will see it eventually.

Thanks for checking out this wiki. I hope you have a great time here!

JJS 12