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Venom Dweller
Venom Dweller2.png
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 900
Range: 700
Ranged Attack: 800
Defense: 225
Life: 3500
Speed: 300
Load: 30
Power: 9
Upkeep: 90

"The Venom Dwellers are a race that live in the toxic swamps. They can produce a corrosive toxin that can eat away at enemies. Especially strong against stone.Damage +100% when attacking Granite Ogres."

This is an elite troop that is only trainable in the Sunken Temple, and you must have a level 10 Training Camp. Venom Dwellers are very similar to Fantooths, because they have both high melee and ranged attacks. 

Test of Ogre vs VD

Venom Dwellers are frog like troops that can be trained with Swamp Scales.

They have the unique ability of inflicting +100% damage when used against Granite Ogres and are very effective against these troops.

They have average speed making them less effective than speed troops at farming. Venom Dwellers have slightly higher attacks than Banshees and they are ranged troops; however, they are slow and have low load sizes. Therefore they are considered better at defense than offence, and are good PvP troops in any case, particularly when trying to kill large amounts of GOs. The LJ+FG+VD combo is considered very good for fighting the LJ+GO strategy often employed by players.

Training Requirements

thumb|255px|link=You must have a Swamp Scale for each one these that you train. You can obtain these scales from level 7+ lakes and Anthropus Camps . They can also be purchased from the Shop with Rubies or won from Fortuna. It is also possible to get 1,000 of these troops in Fortuna's Vault. At times, training these troops will not need the troop item, however this only happens at timed periods. When it happens it is suggested to queue mass amounts of troops. 

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