Troops: Venge Wyrm
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 2800
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 200
Life: 175
Speed: 900
Load: 0
Power: 10
Upkeep: 10

"The Venge Wyrm is a terrible and vicious attacker from the air. These creatures show no fear and strike a devastating first attack with amazing power, crushing through opposition."

This troop is available from Fortuna´s Vault, and occasionally trainable for a limited time.

Venge Wyrms are very fast, and have a powerful melee attack. Their very low health, however, causes them to die quickly in battle. The Venge Wyrm stats closely resembles a kamikaze-like troop, making them perceived by many as expendable troops when you want to deal huge damage. In large quantities, Wyrms can defeat wildernesses, camps, and players, but expect loss of most of your Venge Wyrms if you are attacking someone of equal or greater power. As untrainable troops, they are only trainable during events, so it would be wise to use them carefully. They work well with other speed troops, such as banshees, SSD, BDs and PDs. The only dragon that is compatible with them is the Mephitic Serpent.

Do not send Wyrms with range troops; if they are sent with any troop of ranged capabilities, they will be defeated prior to doing any damage.

Training RequirementsEdit

When this troop is trainable, the training requirements are:

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