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Tempest Cabal
Tempest Cabal.PNG
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 3,250
Range: 1,500
Ranged Attack: 3,500
Defense: 1,000
Life: 4,000
Speed: 1,000
Load: 500
Power: 200
Upkeep: {{{Food}}}

The Tempest Cabal is the troops that belongs together with the Tempest Dragons. When marched together with the Tempest Dragons, the Tempest Cabals will receive a boost in stats. The amount of boost each stat is increased depends on the level of your Tempest Stronghold buildings.

Stat increasing

You can say that when marched with the Tempest Dragons, the buildings in the Tempest Stronghold upgrades the Tempest Cabals in the same way as the buildings in the Steelshard Caverns upgrade the Steelshard Harriers.

The stats of the Tempest Cabals is also increased when marched only with one of the Tempest Dragons. When marched with the Lightning Dragon, the speed, range and ranged is increased. When marching with the Thunder Dragon, the life, defense and melee is increased.


You can train the Tempest Cabals in the Tempest Stronghold. Do do so, you need a level 10 Training Camp and a Storm Fire item for each Tempest Cabal you want to train.

Training Requirements
Training time(base time) 47 min 30 sec
Idle population 25
Metals 6,000
Food 10,500
Lumber 5,000
Stone 6,000
Gold 10,000
Aerial Combat Level 10
Rapid Deployment Level 11
Dragonry Level 10
Metallurgy Level 10
Training Camp Level 10