Troops: Swift Strike Dragon
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 150
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 60
Life: 300
Speed: 1000+50*Dragonry level
Load: 100
Power: 5
Upkeep: 18

"The smallest of the dragon breeds, the Swift Strike Dragon is by far the fastest. their short fire forces them to come in low for the attack, but a well-trained squadron suprises silently from behind."

Swift Strike Dragons (SSD) are one of the dragon-type troops you can train. They are small, but fast troops, so they can kill very quickly. They have less health than Battle Dragons, and therefore require more troops to be sent, but they have much more speed, and require less resources to train, making them ideal for new players. SSDs are frequently used for fighting Longbowmen

This is one of the more commonly trained regular troops, as its high speed and adequate load capacity allows for SSDs to be an excellent farming unit with short march time. For example, with a march of 100k SSDs, they will be able to return with up to 10 million resources (100 each). They are also the cheapest unit that is compatible with the transport unit, Pack Dragon

WARNING: Sending SSDs with ANY range unit (including the GD and all Elemental dragons except the Wind Dragon and Mephitic Serpent) will almost always yield losses to your SSDs. To see how unit compatibility works, visit the page, Battle Mechanics

Training RequirementsEdit

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