Troops: Spy
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 5
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 5
Life: 10
Speed: 3000
Load: 0
Power: 2
Upkeep: 5

"The Spies are unassuming lot whose psychic abilities help them travel, unnoticed and gather intelligence on the enemy telepathically. They move swiftly, like ghosts in the wind."

Spies are the troop you will send out if you want to collect intel on another player. They can only be defeated by other spies when sent as a "Spy" march. Although, they can also be sent as an "Attack" the same as any other troop can, but their speed is made more or less useless for "normal" attack by their lack of load capacity.

When sending these troops as spies, to collect information, you do not require a general and they may only be defeated if other spies are defending the City. However, if they are sent as part of an attack, they may be killed by any troop defending the City, including the Great Dragon.

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Research: Clairvoyance level 1
  • Buildings: Garrison level 2
  • Resources (for each one): Food 120, Idle pop. 1, Lumber 200, Metals 150

Symbol Information
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