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Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper2.png
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 1000
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 500
Life: 3000
Speed: 450
Load: 50
Power: 10
Upkeep: 90
Soul Reaper.png

"Soul Reapers are frightening beings that dwell in the frozen wastes of Atlantis. By employing them in a defending army, they have the ability to steal the souls of an attacking army's troops. This ability is not present when they are sent in a march."

The Soul Reaper is an elite troop that can only be trained in the Frost Outpost with a level 10 Training Camp.

Soul Reapers are Blue Energy infused and therefore are immune to Wraith Dragon attacks. In addition, they also steal the souls of attackers killed in battle. These are good troops to train because you may get elites you do not have yet. 

If Soul Reapers are used alone in defense against a Wraith Dragon, you will not lose any Soul Reapers, but it will take your loot. If Soul Reapers are used in combination with other troops against a Wraith Dragon: the other troops will engage in combat against the Wraith, but the Soul Reapers will not be harmed.

Soul Reapers take 1 soul of the enemy troops killed per Soul Reaper involved in the battle. Your Soul Reapers  do not have to die in order to take the souls of the enemy troops. However, if they do happen to die, but they already had taken a soul, you still get to keep that soul.

The ability to take Souls is exclusive to defending. You will not be able to recover the Souls of enemy's troops while using the Soul Reapers to attack.

Training Requirements

Reaper Totem.png

You must have a Reaper Totem for each one these that you train. When a Soul Reaper dies, you do not get the totem back, but you will be able to revive them in the Spectral Ruins if you have a Dark Portals at high enough level (I've been told that it's level 12).

You can obtain these totems from level 7+ mountains and Anthropus Camps . They can also be purchased from the Shop with Rubies and are occasionally in Fortuna's Vault.

At times, training these troops will not need the troop item, however this only happens during events.