Troops: Pack Dragon
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 150
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 400
Life: 850
Speed: 1000
Load: 6000
Power: 6
Upkeep: 10

"This unique and loyal breed of dragon is known for its ability to carry heavy loads. While weighted down, they still retain the speed worthy of any Alantean dragon."

Pack Dragons is an elite troop that can only be trained in the city and the Cliffs of Chronos outpost.

With a load capacity of 6,000 and a base speed of 1000, they are more than 6x faster and can carry a larger load than Armored Transports, making them above and beyond the better alternative for transporting large numbers of resources to alliance members, assuming you can manage to get your hands on enough to make it worthwhile.

Compatible Dragons: Great Dragon, Wind Dragon.

Pack Dragon

Requirements for Pack Dragon.

One major flaw of the Pack Dragons is they are easily killed off in attack marches that don't include BansheesSwift Strike dragonsShadow Stalkers, Sand Striders, or Volt Rangers, as they have a very high Speed stat(below that of a Banshee, but on the same level with the Swift Strike Dragon).

Since they have such a high speed, they end up in front of your ranged troops, and are therefore targeted by enemy troops, often resulting in some, if not all, lost.

For this reason, caution is advised when using these in battles with defending troops, with Armored Transports still the best alternative for taking resources in an all-out battle, as they stay behind your other troops with their low speed.

Training RequirementsEdit

Those training requirements are:

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