Troops: Lightning Cannon
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 100 + 100% while Defending= 200 Melee attack while defending
Range: 1600
Ranged Attack: 1100 + 100 % while defending= 2200 Ranged Attack While Defending.
Defense: 350
Life: 1100
Speed: 50
Load: 100
Power: 10
Upkeep: 10

"This longe range cannon can expel electrical arcs across the battlefield at varying distances per turn."

This troop is considered better as a defense troop rather than an offense troop, due to its slow speed. This is a slow ranged troop, so if it is combined with Swift Strike Dragons, Battle Dragons or any other speed troop, you'll suffer losses of the speed troops. It is comparable to the Fire Mirror in statistics, except for a few mirror differences.

Training RequirementsEdit

This troop is also available for soul revival/retrieval through your spectral Outpost

  • requires 15 Blue energy per unit
  • Must have Soul reapers on wall in order to claim the soul of this troop.

Troop CompatibilityEdit

Damage +25% to Fangtooths and Venom Dwellers. Damage +10% to Arctic Leviathan . Damage +100% when defending.

Troop Compatible Troops Best Troops Incompatible Troops
Lightning Cannon AT, LBM, LJ, AL, all dragons except the Mephitic Serpent and Wind Dragon. Ranged Speed as well as chrono dragon

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