Troops: Halberdsman
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 40
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 40
Life: 150
Speed: 300
Load: 40
Power: 2
Upkeep: 6

"The most agile of the warriors, Halberdsman wield the halberd with grace and precision. They are stealthy and swift attackers."

Both faster and stronger than the conscripts, Halberdsmen are the next step up in troops. They attack as melee troops, so they are compatible with all Elemental Dragons as a weak meatshield. Halberds act as a group on the battlefield, similar to Swift Strike Dragons. While Halberdsmen are relatively weak and can be defeated easily, they are a requirement to training an even more dangerous troop, the Sand Strider, which requires one Swift Strike Dragon and one Halberdsman for each strider trained.

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Research: Metallurgy level 1
  • Buildings: Garrison level 2
  • Resources (for each one): Food 150, Idle pop. 1, Lumber 500, Metals 100


Halberdsmen are rarely used in battle in the game. Even early on in the game, they are quickly replaced by Minotaurs, who are faster, stronger, and provide more power per troop. That being said, Halberdsmen are typically only trained by players who wish to train Sand Striders. Early players should avoid relying on these troops to farm wildernesses and camps, but whenever a player nears being able to train Sand Striders, it would be wise to start stocking up on Halberds and SSDS.

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