Frost Giant
Frost Giant 2
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 1500
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 350
Life: 6000
Speed: 200
Load: 100
Power: 8
Upkeep: 50

"Distant cousins to the Giants already known in Atlantis, the Frost Giants are known for their ability to conjure items from the ice and snow. They are mortal enemies with the Lava Jaws and have heightened defense against their attacks. Lava Jaw attacks -50%."

The Frost Giant (FG) is an elite troop that is trainable in the Ice Outpost; which requires at least one Level 10 Training Camp in the outpost.

Lava Jaw (LJ) attacks do only half the damage against Frost Giants.

As mentioned previously, these magnificent creatures are available to train and add to your army as long as one has the proper items. Each Frost Giant requires a Glacial Rune which may be bought through the Shop, acquired through Level 7+ Mountains and Anthropus Camps, and Fortuna's Chance.

Frost Giants are mainly used for defense because of their slow speed and high life. However, you can pair them with Lava Jaws to eliminate enemy LJs if you have speed up items or use the Chrono Dragon.

The Frost Giant acts as a "meat shield" for ranged attackers (LJs) when combined.

Glacial Rune

Training RequirementsEdit

When a Frost Giant dies, the glacial rune will not be returned. It is destroyed with the Frost Giant.

At times, training these troops will not need the Glacial Rune, however this only happens during Kabam challenges or events. When this happens it is advisable to queue mass amounts of troops.

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