Troops: Fire Mirror
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 20
Range: 1500
Ranged Attack: 1200
Defense: 30
Life: 1500
Speed: 50
Load: 75
Power: 10
Upkeep: 250

"This rolling death machine focuses the sun's power with blue energy, beaming a searing heat ray over long distances. It panics the enemy as they watch their defenses burst into flames."

The Fire Mirror is a slow but powerful troop, working as a very effective range unit. You need a level 10 garrison, or training camp to train them, and they can be trained in any outpost or city. They are good choices for those whose cities are slowly growing. While Fire Mirrors have a slow training speed, they are a great addition to a player's army for defensive purposes. Fire Mirrors have low speed and load, making them poor choices for offensive marches, but they can be used if the goal is to deal damage rather than loot resources. Unlike most troops that require a lvl 10 garrison/training camp, Fire Mirrors do not require a unique item to train. They are very similar to the Lightning Cannon

Training RequirementsEdit

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