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Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 17,800
Range: 3,000
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 1,200
Life: 30,000
Speed: 3,000
Load: 5,000
Power: 2,000
Upkeep: 130

The Dragon Warrior is a very strong speed and melee troop. With 2,000 power, it has the most power per unit, 10 times more power than Tempest Cabals has.

As if the stats were not high enough already, the Dragon Warriors gain a 25% boost to their combat stats when they are defending or attacking with the Great Dragon. Also, the Dragon Warriors only take 50% damage from Sea Sirens and Abyssal Ravagers.

This troops also has 5,000 in load capacity. Since it has such a high load capacity, and since it is not possible to get load curses for it(at least not yet), it is a very good troop for taking resources if you have enough of it and are willing to risk loosing it.