Troops: Dark Slayer
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 1200 (24,000 against Wraith Dragon, 2400 against SR's.)
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 1000 (Wraith Dragon's Attack -50%), SR's attack -75%.)
Life: 2500
Speed: 800
Load: 500
Power: 10
Upkeep: 50

"The Lost Order of Dark Knights have increased damage and defense against Forces of Dark."

The Dark Slayer is an elite troop that can only be trained in the City with a level 10 Garrison. It is immune to soul revival.


  • Melee +2000% against Wraith Dragon.
  • Melee +100% against Soul Reapers.


  • Wraith Dragon damage -50%
  • Soul Reaper damage -75%

"Official Message" Edit

It appears to be true, the Summer Solstice not only brings celebrations of life and rebirth, but also new warriors to fight for Atlantis! The Order of the Dark Slayers once fought to drive the forces of Keres out of Atlantis and seal away her power. Using the same energy that can conjure dark beasts from beyond, the Dark Slayers can channel it for defense and effectively thwart the attacks of spectral beasts. It is said that a full force of these brave knights can even stand up to a Wraith Dragon.

Training RequirementsEdit

You must have a Dragonfire Amulet for each one these that you train. When a Dark Slayer dies, you do not get the amulet back, and you will NOT be able to revive them in the Spectral Ruins. You can obtain these Amulets from the Shop with Rubies or from level 9-11 Anthropus Camps, only on and Google+.

They may also be won from Fortuna's Chance or Fortuna's Vault on any platform.

Wraith Dragon Defense Edit

100k+ Dark Slayers and a lot of ranged troops as defense can kill a wraith dragon with some losses.

(Picture of a wraith defense would be good)

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