Dragons Of Atlantis Wiki
Troops: Conscript
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 10
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 10
Life: 75
Speed: 200
Load: 20
Power: 1
Upkeep: 3

"All citizens of the City are drafted for a tour of duty in the Army. These Conscript forces are not well trained, and no match for career troops, but they serve bravely and with honor."

Conscripts, like porters, are fragile troops, that should, as soon as possible, be replaced by Halberdsman.They are also used by multiple people for farming power. Their training time-power ratio is the highest of any in the game

Training Requirements

  • Research: None.
  • Buildings: Garrison level 1
  • Resources: Food 80, Idle Population 1, Lumber 100, Metals 50
  • Power Given: 1
  • Upkeep: 3 Food Per Hour