Troops: Armored Transport
Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 5
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 200
Life: 750
Speed: 150
Load: 5000
Power: 6
Upkeep: 10

"Armored Transports are thickly plated beasts of burden that march slowly, but can safely carry heavy payloads of supplies or plunder."

Armored Transports (ATs) are one of the three types of transport troops in Atlantis, the others being Porters and Pack Dragons. Out of the three, ATs are by far the most common and the most important.


Between the three Transport units, ATs are, by far, the most efficient. Unlike the Porters, ATs have an adequate health and life as well as a much higher load capacity per troop, leaving march space for more attackers. While Pack Dragons are much faster and can carry more, they are not trainable outside of training events, making pack dragons both rare and valuable.

Porter: Health = 45, Defense = 10, Speed = 100, Load Capacity = 200. Armored Transport: Health = 750, Defense = 200, Speed = 150, Load Capacity = 5,000. Pack Dragon: Health = 850, Defense = 400, Speed = 1000, Load Capacity = 6,000.

Like the other transport troops, ATs can be used to store resources in Spectral Ruins. ATs are more convenient than Porters and less expensive than Pack Dragons, making them the perfect troop to use as a bank.


Due to their decent defense, great load capacity, and easy training, they are typically favored when attacking Anthropus Camps and Wildernesses. Their most common partner in battle are the Longbowmen, although they are also combined with other range troops, such as Lava Jaws and Arctic Leviathans. ATs are also great for farming cities when used in a high amount. They may be trained, unlike Pack Dragons, and are much more efficient than Porters.

ATs and porters share the property of being used as a meatshield. Pack Dragons are not used in the same manner due to their high speed. Between the two (Porters and ATs), ATs are more commonly used due to their higher stat and convenient load capacity. (25 porters equal to 1 AT's load capacity).

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Research: Levitation level 3
  • Buildings: Garrison level 6, Factory level 3
  • Resources (for each one): Food 600, Idle pop. 4, Lumber 1500, Metals 350

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