• Would it make it easier to get the pieces of the Wraith Dragon using a great dragon? Because I have sent constant marches to hills, lakes and mountains, and I only recieved the head from a forest. Every march I've sent I used my great dragon with, so I was just wondering if it is better to do this or not.

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    • Before, you needed a great or elemental dragon to find eggs/armor, but it does not seem like you need that anymore. Thus, I do not know if adding a great dragon to the march increases the chances of getting your armor.

      However, something I do know is that drop chances for eggs and armor generally is random, wich means it is different from plain to plain, from forest to forest, mountain to mountain etc. A particular level 8 hill could have higher drop chance than a particular level 10 hill, however higher level wildernesses MAY be better in general. Anyway, if you are stuck, maybe waving a new wilderness would help.

      I hope this helps.

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    • alright, thank you very much! They should really update the tips in this game

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    • They really should. I have also read that the 5% rapid deployment speed per level also is false, and rapid deployment actually gives +10% speed for each level.

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