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i don't know why i can't upgrate the batle arts!!can anybody say mee what to do?[]

ATTENTION All DoA Wikia users:

If I, or any other administrator sees or hears about edit wars, we will block the party who is at fault (False info, page deleting, spam edits, etc. . .) for THREE MONTHS. There is NO EXCEPTION or acceptable reason why things like this should happen.

If you have seen an edit war, please tell an admin, by posting on his or her wall. If you are the opposite site (The one putting the correct info back) of an edit war, tell us ASAP! We need and want to know about these things to help the Wikia Community.

If you are the one who is at fault (described above) and you turn yourself in, you will be spared, and the block will be from one to four weeks, depending on how much you screwed up.

If you do not know what an edit war is, I will describe it:

An edit war is when one party (usually someone with no account) goes to a page and adds false information, deletes true information, or deletes a whole page, and then  someone else comes, sees the mistake, fixes it, only to find that the guilty party has re-deleted the information. This then keeps going on until an admin is notified, and can protect the page, and block the guilty party.

Please take into consideration that we CAN find you by IP and block you, even if you have no account.

DoA Wikia Admin
Camberwell server '
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Power bling box[]

Any1 know whats inside Power bling box ?

Attention fellow players,

We've all been taking for saps on this crap. Being forced to spend high prices on their ruby prizes, and having armies of over 5 million soldiers destroyed by inferior numbers. I for one have had more than enough of being swindled and losing. I say we sue the entire kabam corporation for stealing our lives, our money, and wasting our free time. Anyone who's with me against these damned money wasting fat cats reply