Sunken Temple

"The Zolmecs once built temples in some of the more toxic swamps to honor the strange species of dragons|dragon that dwell there. The Zolmecs paid homage to the Mephitic Serpent and believed it had dominion over the poisons of the swamps.

Over time, these temples were slowly abandoned due to the dangers of the swamps. The Serpents of these poisonous swamps are unlike any dragon yet seen in Atlantis. An egg of one of these serpents will most likely hatch something unusual. Hatch a Mephitic Serpent and claim the Sunken Temple as your next outpost."

Requirements to Build:

The Mephitic Serpent is a speed fighter and is compatible with speed troops.

For more information about this Dragon, please visit the link above.

When you have a Training Camp at level 10 you will be able to train Venom Dwellers. The Venom Dwellers are ranged troops and compatible with all dragons except the Wind Dragon and the Mephitic Serpent.

Each Venom Dweller produced requires 1 Swamp Scales. These can be farmed from Level 7+ Lakes and Anthropus Camps.

Fields built in the Outposts do not benefit from the production boost of wildernesses. Therefore, if you want to build up fields to produce more resources without using tons of idle population, you should level up the fields in your City and not build any in the Outposts.


This Outpost is involved in several quests.

Quest Name Task to Complete Rewards
The Zolmec's Ruins Build Sunken Temple Blue Energy 5k, Lumber 150k, Power 35k, Nano Collectors for 1 Day
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