Stone Outpost

"Long ago, another race of dragons once roamed Atlantis. It was said, that this ancient race's hide was the most durable of all materials. Born from the solid stone Itself, the Stone Dragon was one of the largest and most imposing of all the dragon species. Their kind had all but died out. Their blood petrified and lost in time. As empires expand and more of the Atlantean wilderness is mined and harvested, these stone behemoths are found to be far from extinct. Cities will be able to generate both resources and armies with even greater efficiency but more importantly, they will gain defensiveness power of the Stone Dragon and the Granite Ogres."

Requirements to Build:

The Stone Dragon is a ranged fighter and is compatible with ranged troops such as the Lava Jaw.

For more information about this Dragon, please visit the link above.

When you have a Training Camp at level 10 you will be able to train Granite Ogre. The Ogres are mainly melee defensive fighters.

Each Ogre produced requires 1 Glowing Mandrake Root. These can be farmed from Level 7+ Hills and Anthropus Camps.

Fields built in the Outposts do not benefit from the production boost of wildernesses. Therefore, if you want to build up fields to produce more resources without using tons of idle population, you should level up the fields in your City and not build any in the Outposts.


This Outpost is involved in several quests.

Quest Name Task to Complete Rewards
Find a Stone Dragon Egg Acquire a Stone Dragon egg  Power 2k, Lumber 30k, Stone 200k, Gold 30k
Start a 2nd outpost  Start a 2nd outpost Power 2k, Gold 30k, Metals 150k, Nano Collectors for 1 Day
Improve Training Camps Upgrade a Training Camp in Outpost #2 to Level 10 Glowing Mandrakes 100, Stone 250k,Lumber 100k
Complete the Stone Dragon Armor Set Collect all 4 pieces of Stone Dragon Armor Power 2k, Lumber 150k, Stone 40k, Gold 30k
Train a Stone Dragon Raise a Stone Dragon to level 8 and obtain all 4 Stone Dragon Armor pieces Food 200k, Power 10k, Lumber  200k, Stone 200k, Gold 50k 
Reinforce Outposts Build 5 Training Camps in Outpost #2 (Stone) to level 9 or higher  Ancestral Seal 1, Power 1k, Lumber 50k, Stone 50k
Elemental Dragon Lord  Raise the Water, Stone, Fire and Wind Dragons to level 8  Power 40k, Stone 1m, Lumber 1m, Metals 1m, Gold 100k, Testronius Powder 1, Bounce 1, Divine Rations

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