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While training troops, I'm sure you noticed a troop called Spy, but you may not know how to use them. On this page you can find anything and everything you need to know about Spies, Clairvoyance, and sentinels.

When spying other players, you do not have to include a general in the march. This is the only time they will obtain intel. If sent as an attack, they require a general, will fight as any other troop would, and can be defeated as any other troop would be. The higher your clairvoyance, the more information you will collect. When hunting for resources or walls, food is of little importance to consider due to rations being easily obtained from Anthropus camps.

  • Click "Spy"
  • Select one Spy (only one is needed), although the more spies you use the better- as you have a higher chance of being victorious.

If this one Spy dies, this means that the other player is defending with Spies. You will need more than 10x the enemy's spies to win without losses. See below Spy report.

If your Spy/Spies are not defeated, you will be able to see:

  • (Exact) Number of Resources (minus Gold) City or Outpost
  • (Exact) Number of Troops defending City or Outpost
  • Owner of Wilderness
  • (Exact) Number of Researches City
  • Last Login Time/Date City

The actual amount of information you will receive depends on the level of Clairvoyance you had researched at the time you obtained the Spy Report. The information is listed in order of required research.

Must have a level 3 Science Center to begin researching Clairvoyance.

Informations about info which are gathered on every clairvoyance level[]

Level Info Gathered Research Time SC Level Food Gold
1 Idea of Resources 7m 0s 3    
2 Exact # of Resources 14m 10s 3    
3 Idea of Troops 28m 42s 3  1200  8000
4 Exact # of Troops 58m 7s 4 2400 16000
5 Type of troops 1h 57m 42s 5 4800 32000
6 Wilderness Owner 3h 58m 21s 6  9600 64000
7 Idea of Researches 8h 2m 40s 7   128000
8 Exact Researches 16h 18m 20s 8    
9 Exact # of Gold 1d 8h 59m 14s 9 76800 512000
10 Last Login time/date 2d 18h 47m 57s 10    

What determines how much information I get when I am spied or attacked?[]

This depends on the level of your Sentinel in your City. If you have a level 1 Sentinel you will not receive much information about the attacker and the information you receive can be vague or erroneous.

If your Outposts are spied or attacked, you will receive an empty warning, followed by a Battle Report unless you have a level 11 Sentinel. This is why it is not a good idea to leave troops stationed in your Outposts for long periods of time.

Sentinel Requirements for Upgrade, Benefits, and Time for Upgrade

Level Sentinel Reports Food Lumber Ore Stone Time Power
1 Enemy approaching 150 1000 300 3000 20
2 Spy or Attack 300 2000 600 6000 10m 7s 20
3 Knows the time of attack 600 4000 1200 12000 20m 30s 40
4 Title and Tribe of attacker 1200 8000 2400 24000 41m 31s 80
5 Strength of General 2400 16000 4800 48000 1h 24m 4s 160
6 Approx. how many troops 4800 32000 9600 96000 2h 50m 15s 320
7 Troop types 9600 64000 19200 192000 5h 44m 45s 640
8 Approx. # of troops in type 19200 128000 38400 384000 11h 38m 8s 1280
9 Exact # of troops 38400 256000 76800 768000 23h 33m 44s 2560
10 Attacker's name 76800 512000 153600 1536000 1d 23h 42m 49s


11          Warns of attack sent to outpost  153,600  1024000    307200    3,072,000  3d 23h 25m 38s        10240

What is shown on the Spy Reports?[]

Symbol Information
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