Psychic Dragon

The Psychic Dragon (PsD) is a Kabam Released Seed dragon that is now available within the Sanctuary.

The Kabam Released Seeds 'KRS' are pure DNA dragons that are gained via ruby purchase in the shop, Fortuna's Vault, Treasure Hold (Building within the Main City), Challenges and Tournaments.

The Psychic Dragon is second dragon released in the Sanctuary.

Example of a Psychic Dragon won through Challenge/TournamentEdit

The version released in the Tournament on Feb 21th, 2013 had:-

Royal Psychic Dragon (RPsD), Male

  • Giant Life Ⅳ +4%
  • Granite Ogre Defense Curse Ⅳ -5%
  • Lava Jaw Ranged Attack Curse Ⅴ -8%

Ways to get this Dragon by breedingEdit

This particular species of dragon is perhaps the easist to breed from other species. However this will mean that it carries genetic traits of the parents that the egg came from. (Note:- Always keep an update log of your breeding so you know where it comes from)

Sanctuary's Psychic Dragon
  • Fire Dragon (FiD) & Wind Dragon (WiD)
  • Fire Dragon  (FiD) & Helio Dragon (HeD)
  • Wind Dragon (WiD) & Woolly Dragon (WoD)
  • Helio Dragon (HeD) & Water Dragon (WaD)
  • Helio Dragon (HeD) & Wind Dragon (WiD)
  • Helio Dragon (HeD) & Amber Crest Dragon (ACD)
  • Amber Crest Dragon (ACD) & Great Dragon (GD)
  • Amber Crest Dragon (ACD) & Fire Dragon (FiD)
  • Amber Crest Dragon (ACD) & Stone Dragon (SD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Fire Dragon (FiD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Stone Dragon (FiD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Amber Crest Dragon (ACD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Helio Dragon (HeD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Woolly Dragon (WoD)
  • Woolly Dragon (WoD) & Great Dragon (GD)

Psychic DragonEdit

There has been seven (7) Psychic Dragons (PsD) released by Kabam to sanctuary. This includes Heightened through to Omniscient and both sexes, this allows for pure breeding and trait grouping within the Psychic Dragon (PsD) gene pool.

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