Troop Stats
Melee Attack: 1
Range: 0
Ranged Attack: 0
Defense: 10
Life: 45
Speed: 100
Load: 200
Power: 1
Upkeep: 2

"The Porter's role is to carry heavy loads for the troops. While they posses no real combat ability, they aid armies by collecting resource and returning home with the spoils of battle."

The Porter's role is to carry heavy loads for the troops. Often they are indentured servants seeking refuge from the wilderness. Some may have cross-bred with the Anthropus.

As one of the very first kinds of troops players are able to train, Porters no doubt have their place. Their comparably higher load capacity to that of their fellow beginner troops is certainly useful. However, much—if not all—of the porter's initial function can be replaced by a superior alternative, the Armored Transport, which is, in turn, inferior to yet another Atlantian beast of burden, the Pack Dragon. Not only that, but Porters have a very slow speed, so Porters are only used for attacking low-level cities and lvl 1-3 anthropus camps and wilds.

In other words, while one should train Porters to start with, it is advisable to move on to more advanced transports later on, for obvious reasons. For example, it would take twenty-five Porters to carry the same load as that of one Armored Transport; additionally, ATs, being of higher quality, possess higher scores in Melee Attack, Defense, Life, et cetera. Even when the difference between the scores appears slight, it is worth taking into account that said difference will eventually add up.

(It's all rather logical, but you'd be surprised at the nigh embarassing number who didn't stop to look at the practicality of such reasoning.)

Training RequirementsEdit

  • Research: none
  • Buildings: Garrison level 1
  • Resources: Food 50, Idle pop. 1, Lumber 150, Metals 10


 Armored Transport-Armored Transport

Pack Dragon-Pack Dragons

Anthropus Camp-Anthropus Camps



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