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The Obscura Dragon (OD) is a Kabam Released Seed that in now available in Sanctuary.The Kabam Released Seeds 'KRS' are pure DNA dragons that are gained via ruby purchase in the shop, Fortuna's Vault, Treasure Hold (Building within the Main City), Challenges and Tournaments. 

Example of Obscura won through Challenge/Tournament

It was released in the Sanctuary on November 13, 2013. The version available in the tournament had 

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Ways to get this Dragon by breeding

  • Great Dragon & Woolly Dragon

Most combinations include a Woolly Dragon. Wave op a forest lvl 10 you go to a sanc egg by 1000 pyro and a Great Dragon. WAVE (All dragons) you can find items for sanc bv sanc eggs thats very nice you will find sanctuary plunder chest

i'd say Wave for your life

Obscura Dragons

There are 6 Obscura Dragons (OD) that have been released at the time of this article update (30/8/14). The hierarchies included in this are Royal (R), Exalted (E), Omniscient (O) and Legendary (Ly). Please note that at this time no Heightened (H) has been released.

Royal Obscura Dragon (ROD), Male

  • Arctic Leviathan Speed Curse (ALSC) V (Lvl 5) -8%
  • Arctic Leviathan Load Curse (ALLDC) V (Lvl 5) -11%
  • Life Leech (LiL) IV (Lvl 4) -6%

Exalted Obscura Dragon (EOD), Female

  • Wraith Dragon Life Curse (WDLC) IV (Lvl 4) -4%
  • Wraith Dragon Load Curse (WDLDC) IV (Lvl 4) -8%
  • Dimensional Ruiner Speed (DRS) V (Lvl 5) +14%

Omniscient Obscura Dragon (OOD), Female

  • Arctic Leviathan Ranged Curse (ALRAC) VI (Lvl 6) -12%
  • Dimensional Ruiner Speed Curse (DRSC) VI (Lvl 6) -18%
  • Suppression (S) V (Lvl 5) -3%

Omniscient Obscura Dragon (OOD), Female

  • Wraith Dragon Defense Curse (WDDC) VI (Lvl 6) -12%
  • Dimensional Ruiner Speed Curse (DRSC) VI (Lvl 6) -18%
  • Artillery (Art) VII (Lvl 7) +7%

Omniscient Obscura Dragon (OOD), Female

A Glitched Egg: The Egg had same traits as Female Exalted Obscura when opened and hatched. This was only obtained by those who opened and hatched the egg before the glitch was corrected by Kabam.

Legendary Obscura Dragon (LyOD), Female

  • Lava Jaw Range (LJR) X (Lvl 10) +15%
  • Mobility (M) X (Lvl 10) +60%
  • Mobility Curse (MC) X (Lvl 10) -35%