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Luna Dragon

A new dragon has appeared in Atlantis. This dragon is able to summon lost souls for battle. Also, this dragon is affected by the buildings in its outpost, the Luna Plains, to increase its stats - similiar to the Skythrone and Steelshard buildings - except all the buildings are able to summon certain souls of troops for battle. The Luna dragon was released on the 26/11/2013. This dragon was available to win in the Luna tournament for the top three players of the realm. This outpost was also available in Fortuna's Wheel for two days. It was available to be won through getting to and completing the last stage of the Luna Plains Dark Tower map.

This dragon can only march with the troops that you have summoned in the Luna Plains, so when this dragon is used for a march the troop screen will switch and you can only used the troops from luna plains not your main troops. The troops here used Lunar Energy to summon similiar to Blue Energy, it takes 14 hours for the Lunar Energy to fill up at level 1, which is 1,344,000. 

The Luna Dragon cannot be used for breeding in the Sanctuary.


The armor is only available in the shop, fortuna, and prize boxes at this time.



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Natural Scales + (Normal) Steel Armor

Message from Kabam

Below is the message from Kabam about the dragon.



A new outpost has been discovered within the world of Atlantis -- the Luna Plains! 

After a flash of light streaked across the sky and crashed into the world, the Luna Dragon Egg was discovered. This dragon is said to hold power over the wandering lost souls of Atlantis. 

Unlock and upgrade the Luna Plains to amass a powerful army of lost souls. The more souls that fill your Luna Plains outpost, the stronger the Luna Dragon becomes, feeding off their energy. 

Use Lunar Energy to call souls to the outpost. Each soul boosts a stat of the Luna Dragon -- Life, Defense, Range, Ranged, Speed, or Melee. Upgrade attribute buildings within the Luna Plains to unlock new troop types and increase the attack boost of your Luna Dragon. Upgrade your Luna Shrine to increase the capacity and production of Lunar Energy. 

Collect souls and march them with your Luna Dragon in one destructive attack, comparable only to the power of the Wraith Dragon. Once the march has completed, your Luna Dragon frees the souls of the loyal troops that marched with her.

Unlock the unfathomable power of the Luna Dragon today!

Dragon Stats

Level Melee Speed Defense Range Ranged Life Load Upkeep Power
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 25
2 500 275 300 400 400 40,000 0 0 50
3 900 300 600 500 700 80,000 0 200 100
4 1,900 325 1,200 600 1400 180,000 0 400
5 3,000 350 1,800 700 2,300 290,000 0 600 400
6 4,300 375 2,800 800 3,200 420,000 0 800 800
7 5,600 400 5,500 900 4,200 550,000 0 1,000 1,600
8 7,500 450 6,200 1,000 5,200 680,000 1,000,000 1,200 3,200
9 9,200 500 7,000 1,100 6,000 860,000 2,500,000 1,400 6,400
10 11,000 600 8,000 1,200 7,000 1,000,000 5,000,000 1,600 12,800

When updating this chart, please make sure you have no troops summoned, because summoned troops boost the stats

Celestial Armor

Inferno Flower Scales + (Normal) Steel Armor

Inferno Flower Scales + Celestial Armor