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The Kirin Dragon (KiD) is a Kabam Released Seed and has been added to the Sanctuary. The Kabam Released Seeds 'KRS' are pure DNA dragons that are gained via ruby purchase in the shop, Fortuna's Vault, Treasure Hold (Building within the Main City), Challenges and Tournaments.

The first Kirin Dragon (KiD) became available during a Cross-Realm Tournament that occured during the 2nd - 4th April 2014. This particular Dragon also became available again via the Sanctuary Grab Bag, a prize gained via the Treasure Hold.

Example of a Kirin Dragon won through Challenge/Tournament

Exalted Kirin Dragon

  • Storm Drake Melee V
  • Medicine IV
  • Hoarding V

Ways to Breed a Kirin Dragon

  • None known at this time other than using a Kirin Dragon (KiD) as one of the base parents.

Kirin Dragons

There are only four (4) Kirin Dragons (KiD) that have been released so far to the Sanctuary by Kabam. There has been no male released at this point.

Exalted Kirin Dragon (EKiD), Female

  • Storm Drake Melee (SDM) V (Lvl 5) +7%
  • Medicine (Med) IV (Lvl 4) +4%
  • Hoarding (H) V (Lvl 5) +8%

Omniscient Kirin Dragon (OKiD), Female

  • Dimensional Ruiner Life Curse (DRLC) VI (Lvl 6) -12%
  • Wraith Dragon Load Curse (WDLDC) V (Lvl 5) -11%
  • Resurrection (R) V (Lvl 5) +11%

Omniscient Kirin Dragon (OKiD), Female

  • Venge Wyrm Melee (VWM) VI (Lvl 6) +14%
  • Levitation (L) V (Lvl 5) +5%
  • Marches (Ma) V (Lvl 5) +11,000

Legendary Kirin Dragon (LyKiD), Female

  • Dimensional Ruiner Melee (DRM) X (Lvl 10) +35%
  • Life Leech (LiL) X (Lvl 10) -35%
  • Fury (F) X (Lvl 10) +35%

Kirin dragon in sanctuary.png