These are hands down the most useful speed up items you can get! Considering how cheap they are, if used properly, you can produce a lot of troops really quickly.

Before using a Testronius Powder, keep these things in mind:

  • Wait until you have absolutely NO troops training
  • Use one Nomadic Recruits if you have it (not several, as this only means you have them longer, which isn't necessary for training), this is the ideal time to use these!
  • Set your taxes to 0.
  • Get a HUGE amount of resources together, enough to train 100% of your idle population in which ever troop you are wanting to mass train. Use a Cease Fire, if there is a chance of someone taking them.
  • If you have extra Mass Nullifiers laying around and want to nuke some fields for extra population, now is the time to do it.
  • And last, ONLY use these if all of your homes are level 9 at least... 10 is better though, but not required.

These powders (under normal circumstances) reduce training time by 30% regardless of if you are training 5 troops or 500k in one batch. So, you want to do everything possible to maximize your population and have enough resources to train 100% of your idle population. Use a Divine Ration if you have one and are having problems with your food upkeep.

Now set your troops to train, use a few Testronius Powders, and now you have a few 100k awesome troops being trained in fractions of the time it would take normally. I suggest saving these for either tons of elite OP troops or huge amounts of SSDs. Seeing as a large amount of elite troops can take over a week, these are best used there.

Power per Idle Population ChartEdit

When using Testronius speedups, especially Testronius Infusions, you want to maximize your power growth when using each one. Use this chart to figure out which troops are best for you.

Name Idle Pop Power/Idle Pop Pwr Time/Pwr Base Train Time
Porter 1 1 1 48 48s
Conscript 1 1 1 26 26s
Spy 1 2 2 51.5 103s
Halberdsman 1 2 2 70.5 141s
Minotaur 1 3 3 73 219s
Longbowman 2 2 4 85.75 343s
Swift Strike Dragon 3 1.7 5 99.6 498s
Battle Dragon 6 1.2 7 213.14 1492s
Armored Transport 4 1.5 6 162.5 975s
Giant 8 1.13 9 481.55 4334s
Fire Mirror 10 1 10 584.3 5843s
Frost Giant 10 1 10 209.2 2092s
Granite Ogre 8 1.13 9 254.89 2294s
Lava Jaw 12 0.6 8 249.88 1999s
Banshee 6 1 6 388.33 2330s
Soul Reaper 8 1.25 10 355.2 3552s
Venom Dweller 5 1.8 9 324.11 2917s
Frost Giant 4 2 8 332.63 2661s
Petrified Titan 15 1.3 20 3741.9 74838s
Sand Strider 6 1.6 10 298.5 2985s
Dark Slayer 13 0.8 10 348.1 3481s

As you can see using your Testronius Infusion would gain you more power if used on a full queue of Frost Giants than it would if used on a full queue of Lava Jaws even though they have the same power.

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