These are items you can win through Fortuna, purchase with Rubies, or farm from Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps level 7+ that are required to train elite troops.They can also be won in quests.

To see which Wildernesses and Anthropus Camps drop which items, please visit those pages and check the "Drops" sections!

Item Description Cost Picture
1,000 Dragonfire Amulets The cornerstone of the Dark Slayer's armor and source of their strength.  Each Slayer requires one to be trained. Add 1000 to your Arsenal. 3
1000 Dragonfire Amulets icon
1,000 Fangtooth Respirators Organic parasite that allows Fangtooths to breath air. Required for training. 10
1000 Fangtooth Respirators icon
1,000 Glowing Mandrake An enchanted mandrake root that acts as the nerve center for the Granite Ogres. Required for training. 10
1000 Glowing Mandrake icon
1,000 Volcanic Runes Casting a Volcanic Rune into the lava of yours Outposts Keep is the only known way to summon Lava Jaw. 10
1000 Volcanic Runes icon
1,000 Banshee Talons Through the dark arts, the vile Banshees can be regenerated from a single, razor sharp talon. Use these to train more Banshees soldiers. 10
1000 Banshee Talons icon
1,000 Reaper Totems These dark artifacts act as a conduit for the Soul Reapers to appear battle. Each totem will house a deadly spirit to be controlled in your army. 20
1000 Reaper Totems icon
1,000 Swamp Scales Fragments of Serpent Scales are valuable currency to the Venom Dwellers. A scale must be exchanged to have a Dweller fight in your army. 15
1000 Swamp Scales icon
1,000 Glacial Runes This rune stone is a holy marker for the Frost Giants. Required to summon them into your army. 15
1000 Glacial Runes icon
1,000 Titan Seedlings From a single seedling raises a mighty Titan. Required to train Petrified Titans. 20
1000 Titan Seedlings icon
50,000 Anthropus Talismans These strange items are used as offerings within Spectral Ruins. Add 50,000 to your inventory. 15
50000 Anthropus Talismans icon