These items may be used to increase your troops' or Dragons' attacking and defending abilities.

These items may be purchased with Rubies and won during events.

You may notice a few are '"Upgraded" versions of other boosts.

Item Description Cost Picture
Dragon Hearts Inspire Troops to have the Heart of a Dragon. Increase Troop Attack by 20% for 24 hours. 40
Crimson Bull Get your Dragon fired up with a Crimson Bull and increase your Dragon's attack abilities for 24 hours. 10
Crimson Bull
Purple Bones Dragons love this delicious treat. Increase Dragons defenses for 24 hours. 10
Purple Bones
Glowing Shields Infuse blue energy in shields and increase Troops Defense by 20% for 24 hours. 40
Sacred Bull

Increases a dragon´s attack by 500. Wraith Dragon excluded. Also this boost does not have any effect on any dragon with a custom scale or armor past what it would have if the dragon had steel armor(If a dragons boost is +750k with steel armor, it will still only be only +750k with custom armor or scale)

In Fortuna's Vault
Sacred Bull icon
Sacred Bones Increases a dragon´s defense by 20. Wraith Dragon excluded. This boost also does not have any extra effect if the dragon has custom scale or armor on. Limited Edition
Sarcred Bones

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