Aphrodite's Box

Aphrodite's Box is an item that often contains valuable treasures.

The Aphrodite's box is sometimes available in the Shop, often alongside a temporary release in either Fortuna's Chance or Fortuna's Vault.

When you open Aphrodite's Box, there is an opportunity to receive one of the following items (note: may differ per event):

  • Testronius Infusion- Reduces training time by 99%
  • Sacred Bull- Increases your Great Dragons attack power.
  • Testronius Deluxe- Reduces training time by 50%

Also available with Aphrodite's Box are the following items:

  • Completion Grant- Used to upgrade buildings to level 10.
  • Ancestral Seal- Used to upgrade buildings past level 11.
  • Bounce- Used to reduce time (training, building, marching) by 8 hours.
  • Bore- Used to reduce time (training, building, marching) by  15 hours.
  • Anthropus Talisman 50,000 Stack

Any item won from Aphrodite's Box will appear in your Inventory. Please note: Each Aphrodite's Box contains only one prize item. You can use up to 5 Aphrodite's Box items at a single time.

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