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The Guardian Dragon (GuD) is a Kabam Released Seed dragon that is now available within the Sanctuary. The Kabam Released Seeds, "KRS", are pure DNA dragons that are gained via ruby purchase in the shop, Fortuna's Vault, Treasure Hold (Building within the Main City), Challenges, and Tournaments.

This dragon is now mainly won by winning challenges.

Ways to get this Dragon by breeding:Edit

  • Stone Dragon (SD) and Fire Dragon (FiD)
  • Obscura Dragon (OD) and Venom Dragon (VD)
  • Helio Dragon (HeD) and Frost Dragon (FrD)
  • Great Dragon (GD) and Guardian Dragon (GuD)

Example of Guardian Dragon won through Challenge/ TournamentEdit

Sanctuary's Guardian Dragon

Omniscient Guardian Dragon

  • Medicine VIII
  • Resistance Rating VI
  • Granite Ogre Life VI

Guardian DragonsEdit

There have been eight (8) Guardian Dragons (GuD) released by Kabam into the Sanctuary. They range from Heightened to Legendary and include both sexes, thus allowing for pure breeding and trait grouping for the Guardian Dragon (GuD)

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