The generals are your Facebook or Google+ friends which you appoint in Officer's Quarters. If the friends you appoint also play the game, they will cost 50% less per hour (10 gold/hour instead of 20 gold/hour).

Each attack you send requires a General, but spying does not.

To upgrade a general up to 5 star you need to win 13 battles with that general. The fastest way is to attack the closest wilderness of lv1 with enough army to win and with the general that you want to train. Each time your general levels up it will increase the battle effectiveness of the army sent out under that general's control.

The higher lvl your general is the higher there success rate is as well.

If you lose the friend on Facebook, you do not lose the general. Dragons of Atlantis also has generic generals you can choose to lead your battles, which don't cost anything.

Success Rate Determined by Higher Wins Not Their RankEdit

Do Generals tally up wins that make them more powerful & successful than other Generals? This factor has been discovered to be true. The invasion wins that you gain are literally stamped to the General that you used to gain those specific wins. What does this mean for gameplaying?   

  1. That General is the best choice to use during raids (camps, wilds, or PvP).
  2. Using the highest winning General increases your chances of obtaining items “dropped” in camps.
  3.  Like all troops in the game, Generals have special functions too (not just to lead an army). They add a higher percentage of “winning” for your army in battle each Star they earn as well as the more battles “won” under their charge (after all 5 Stars are earned).

Photo Set 1 displays a list of Generals with the most successful wins. Is it a coincidence that the top 4 Generals are also the four Generals that won the four Servos of the Chrono Dragon in Photo Set 2--by the same player?.

General List

Photo Set 1

More photographic evidence will be supplied when specific situation arise.

Appointing Generals from Kabam.comEdit

Automatically, the number of generals that you can appoint are listed as friends. So, you can appoint only the number of generals allowed according to the level of your Officers' Quarters.


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