Fire Outpost

"The Fire Dragons of Atlantis have long survived within only the most volatile and dangerous regions. The power of these dragons' fiery breath is stronger than any weapon. Should their eggs be acquired, you could raise one of these beasts of flame to protect a whole new Outpost. The Fire Outpost will grow your empire resource production further and grant you the ability to train the deadliest of all ranged beasts. The Lava Jaw."

Requirements to Build:

The Fire Dragon is a ranged and melee fighter and is compatible with ranged, transport and melee troops.

For more information about this Dragon, please visit the link above.

When you have a Training Camp at level 10 you will be able to train Lava Jaw. The Lava Jaw are excellent ranged fighters and one of the strongest in the game.

Each Lava Jaw produced requires 1 Volcanic Rune. These can be farmed from Level 7+ Mountains and Anthropus Camps.

Fields built in the Outposts do not benefit from the production boost of wildernesses. Therefore, if you want to build up fields to produce more resources without using tons of idle population, you should level up the fields in your City and not build any in the Outposts.


This Outpost is involved in several quests.

Quest Name Task to Complete Rewards

Build a Third Outpost

Build your third outpost

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