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Bran76765 Bran76765 18 June

Dragons of Atlantis is once again playable!

Hello to the Dragons of Atlantis community!

As you all know (or are about to find out), Dragons of Atlantis was playable up until 2016-ish. At which point, the company that was developing/keeping it up went under and so did the game. Well quite a few of us have wanted to play and as there has not been a playable version since then, a specific developer has decided to give it a shot at recreating and in the process, has now created a playable vers…

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Ribcrickett Ribcrickett 12 June 2015

Important Information on Contacting Support

Citizens of Atlantis,

Please read below for important information regarding a change on how to contact our Customer Support team and submit a support ticket.

To access our Customer Support panel, you will now have to click the "Help" link located directly below the Dragons of Atlantis game screen. This link will direct you to the main RockYou Dragons of Atlantis support and FAQ page. In order to submit a support ticket, first select the topic your…

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Ribcrickett Ribcrickett 14 May 2015

5.14.2015 Game Updates & Patch Notes

Citizens of Atlantis, 

In order to keep you informed of the latest fixes and updates for Dragons of Atlantis, we will periodically be releasing notes of what has been added or corrected in each release in the form of messages like this one. We hope that these messages will help convey all the latest goings-on in Atlantis! 

As of May 14, 2015, the following updates, corrections, and additions have been released:

- Some Players were experiencing an e…

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Ribcrickett Ribcrickett 8 December 2015

Introducing the New The Grand Adventure Minigame!

December 7, 2015

Citizens of Atlantis,

You are unsure of how it was delivered to your kingdom, who sent it to you and for what purpose it was sent, but somehow you have come into possession of an old scroll. Upon unraveling the delicate and dusty papyrus that was left so nonchalantly at your front gate, you have discovered that it is, in fact, a map. Its edges have frayed and the text has faded but you can still make out a path that appears to pr…

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Ribcrickett Ribcrickett 20 August 2015

Inferno Beam Newest Addition to Defensive Tower

Citizens of Atlantis,

There's not much Enyo enjoys more than seeing her opponent's armies engulfed in the metaphoric flames of defeat. After ruminating on one such victory, she thought - what would happen if those flames were a little more literal? Inspired by the explosive power of fire wielders like the Fire Dragon and Lava Jaws, she brought her idea for a fire-fueled weapon to the other Royal Mages. After some debate, the Royal Mages agreed to…

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Ribcrickett Ribcrickett 30 July 2015

New Main City Muster Point Levels 21 - 30!

July 30, 2015

Citizens of Atlantis,

Archmage Triton has watched as some kingdoms have struggled with logistics restricting their march sizes. Wanting to encourage kingdoms to grow and clash with one another in a quest for further expansion and development, Triton has decreed that march sizes shall now be increased!

This latest decree has spurred the construction of new Muster Point levels for Main Cities! You will now be able to level up your Main …

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