Dragon Power Button

Dragon Power is an apparently functionless easter egg with no known effect on the game, although this may be added soon. This could also be the remains of an unimplemented feature. It is possible that this was in reference to the Woolly Dragon

"It appears that you have discovered the secret of Dragon Power and have unleashed its energy upon your City and Outposts. Ages ago, this power was stored deep in the darkest corners of the globe containing the energy of the great Elder Dragons whose blood was spilled unto the earth during a great siege. As their magical blood seeped deep into the earth, it began to collect. Once it began to collect it created a great artery of magic beneath the ground that only the strongest of Magi could even begin to sense. There is no saying what may be possible with this powerful magic, but with it you have a choice. Will this be used for good or for evil? With this great power comes great responsibility; use it wisely or there may be consequences that only the foulest of villains have ever faced."

This button appears randomly. There is no known way to get it if you do not have it.

* This anomaly is an ingame visual error. It has nothing to do with the Wolly Dragon what it does is take your Great dragons power from On to Off by selecting the DP button. It is virtually useless.

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